-My Origin-

Back in 2017, I used to raid Discord furry servers. Then, I became what I raided. It didn't happen overnight, time had to take its course. Over time, my sona evolved into what it is today.  I was initially going to be just a wolf. But thought it was too overused. So, I made the decision to be a hybrid of a wolf and a cheetah. What I've been commonly called, a Cholf. I've grown to love the name Cholf. I have made it through the toughest of times with the furry community. There were a lot of bad apples pretending to be friends, but the true friends who stuck around are what made my experience thus far amazing. As far as names go, you can just call me Zach. Bouncing to a different subject, sexuality. I knew I was gay in middle school. There was a guy I persistently had a crush on. I didn't have a crush on any girl. Fast forward a few years, and the mother and oldest sister found out I was gay by reading my messages on my laptop. I was essentially forced out of the closet then. I proudly support the LGBT+ community. It is another community I have found to be helpful long term.  

-What I do-

Nowadays, I typically modify or create projects on the Social VR platform NeosVR. I've been getting better and better with projects. I've even made the front page. The front page of how I'm describing it is I did something well enough for a team member of Neos to add it to one of the many Neos public folders. On top of modifying and creating projects, I've been learning to code using Logix. Logix is a visual coding language based on C#. I have no plans of extending my skillset to standard linear coding. Other than NeosVR, I really don't make anything else that I can share publicly.