-About My Sona-

My sona's name is Zach. Although his furry name is ZachTheMicroHybrid. For now, there really isn't a backstory to his past. I haven't come up with one yet. But he does have things currently that I can mention. For starters, he has a few powers. The first one is (In a vore scenario) being able to detect the predator's favorite food and make himself taste like it to encourage swallowing. If Zach doesn't like the predator, he will taste like the worst thing imaginable to encourage release. The second power is the ability to rematerialize after being killed. However, his old body stays where it died. His third power is being able to size shift. Although, he really leans toward being micro and shrinking more instead of growing in size. As for his breed, he is 50% Cheetah and 50% Wolf. As mentioned on the home page, this change was made due to the belief that just being a wolf would basically be too status quo.  Another key decider not mentioned previously is the speed aspect of the cheetah and the strength aspect of the wolf. For Zach's color scheme, I genuinely had no plans of making his colors 90s themed. I wasn't around in the 90s to know. I just mixed the colors I like into one character. I've heard from many people that he's bright (in terms of coloring). As far as personality goes, Zach is like me. He is very often a "gremlin" in the fact he loves to cause mischief. There is a soft side, however. It just has to be unlocked. Zach can be a real sweetie when he chooses to. And when he is in that mood, enjoy it. It's not always he is in a lovey-dovey mood. Bouncing to a different subject again, self-defense. If Zach feels he is in danger and does not like said danger, he will grow extremely quickly to outpace the threat. It is almost near instant with his self-defense growth. This is to avoid the threat of gaining the opportunity to hurt him while he's growing. 

That's all I've got for now. Thank you for spending your time reading this. <3